Scan Flex DK

Solutions for Growing Business

Solutions for Growing Business
Scanflex DK complies fully with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact
Scan Flex DK complies fully with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact
By committing to sustainability, business can take shared responsibility for achieving a better world. Scan Flex DK considers business as a force for good.
Sustainability begins with a principled approach to doing business.

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We have achieved one million man hours in growing businesses without a single lost time accident. Our team of experienced specialists are experts in installing solar power systems for private companies, public institutions, housing associations and regular homeowners.



Our Mission

As the Nigerian Solar Power project technical partners, Scan Flex Dk strives to maintain and improve its performance levels even further, by delivering an outstanding service to all of its clients, be them corporate, governmental or private citizens. Scan Flex DK is well known for its excellent workmanship and on time delivery dates, elements too often lightheartedly overlooked in today’s Solar business. Scan Flex Dk's mission is to meet all of the clients’ needs to all of the clients’ requirements.

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Our Vision

Scan Flex Dk Agency wishes to offer an increasing number of its services to clients in other West African countries: with projects completed in China, Thailand, Iraq, Libya, Germany, Greenland, Sweden, Qatar, and with several works now under way in 13 various countries, the Company is branching out to clients who wish to access the same level of service offered to the competitive and demanding Danish market. Thanks to its extensive and modern equipment, machinery and to the multi-cultural and international experience of its staff. Scan Flex Dk is capable of reaching clients across several countries of western, sub-saharan Africa, giving clients peace of mind with regards to the execution of their projects.

The power of principles

Sustainability begins with a principled approach to doing business

  • Scan Flex DK complies fully with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact Read More 
  • Scan Flex DK Agency pledges 2% of its annual profit to Charity organisations working within Educational, and Sports Circles in Nigeria believing that every child needs support and hope to grow, develop and mature to the glory of God, and the society.

Let's Create Your Company's Growth Strategy  TOGETHER!

Scan Flex DK Agency Limited is a subsidiary of Scan Flex Limited, Denmark, an Engineering consulting company, with more than four decades operational experience in European Countries, and many other countries around the world.

Having broken its teeth in Denmark, the firm has a fantastic working experience in 13 various countries, which include among others, China, Thailand, Iraq, Libya, Germany, Greenland, Sweden, Qatar, have all experienced the Engineering services of Scan Flex Limited, which has VAT number 17982834 and based in Korsoer, Denmark. Read More...



Scan Flex DK builds Mass Housing, Shopping Malls, Markets and Hostels for Universities, Military and Para-Military camps using Mobile Containers and Conventional Blocks.

We also use German made Caste Blocks for building which is easier and faster, as well as Thailand made wooden floors, serving as Tiles. This is absolutely good for African weather.



Scan Flex DK builds Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Cement Factories, and Waste recycling plants, Power plants with Hydro technology, Wind, Gas and Solar Parks, and also with the capacity to clean Oil spillage in areas like the Niger Delta. 

These mentioned jobs are highly needed in Nigeria and the best way to solve these Engineering demands remains to engage Scan Flex DK.

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we have built strong relationships with major companies in order to bring the right solution to our numerous clients at the right time hence utilizing these partnership processes at the highest level across all prototypes.